Love all the ea sports logos >.< and i miss the days where football was football not soccer.. thats what happens when you let enough immigrants in your country. Football is way more intense than soccer imo » 7/16/13 6:24am 7/16/13 6:24am

Pokemon came before the time of humans from another planet on the meteor clefairy, mew, and arceus came to earth on and mutated living and inanimate things into pokemon. They didnt mutate them, the virus they brought did (pokerus) which is what ditto is made of (pokerus extracted from mew). Also evolving humans giving… » 7/15/13 4:57am 7/15/13 4:57am

Ill just state the obvious, its because most black people involved in shootings or killings are thugs / gangsters / or someone looking to cause some shit. One of those most of the time. The ghetto and poor black communities cause this. They always claim the "white man" is holding you down when in reality they… » 7/13/13 11:26pm 7/13/13 11:26pm

Poisons a girl. She was labeled male due to some gender translation error when the game was imported over seas but that was corrected. Shes a female otherwise it wouldnt have been an error in the first place but since the creator saw everyone and their mom reading it out of context he decided to let the fans believe… » 7/13/13 7:25pm 7/13/13 7:25pm

What i dont get is why his views are so important? so what if he hates gays? is it not enough he tolerates them? so is being gay so protected now that if you dislike them, you must keep your mouth shut because youre automatically a bad person? » 7/13/13 2:32pm 7/13/13 2:32pm